Better TweetDeck
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Frequently Asked Questions

What's this?

Better TweetDeck is a browser extension created back in 2014 made to improve, customize and extend the features set of TweetDeck, the official Twitter client.

Are you working with or affiliated with Twitter?

No. I know the name is confusing because the extension is literally named "Better TweetDeck" but no, the extension is nor made by nor affiliated with Twitter and the TweetDeck team.

Will Better TweetDeck stay free?

Yes. Better TweetDeck is and always will be free and open-source.

Can you implement [feature]?

Maybe! Feel free to open a Github issue by following the contributing guidelines

Can you revert that last thing that TweetDeck did?

It Depends™️. If the thing is easily fixable then it's likely that I'll add an option to revert it. If it's not, it'll really depends on whether or not I can find an easy solution that won't be a nightmare to maintain long-term.

Something is broken! Please fix it already!

Bugs happen, and reports are appreciated, feel free to open a Github issue. Please understand that TweetDeck is constantly being updated and is a very complex app so features breaking are the norm, not the exception.

Will there ever be a desktop app?

I don't want to say never, but it's unlikely. Maintaining a browser extension already takes a lot of time. Besides, I feel like Twitter might start to be annoyed if I distribute an application who's named after one of their products 😬

Can you make a mobile app?

No. I already don't have time for a desktop app, so you can imagine how little time I have to learn mobile development and build a mobile app 🙃

I love Better TweetDeck! How can I support it?

I'm glad to hear that! Feel free to hit the donate page for more informations about that.