Better TweetDeck
Take TweetDeck to the next level

Make TweetDeck your own!

Like its name implies, Better TweetDeck has everything you'd want to improve your TweetDeck experience.

Accent colors, alternative themes, advanced muting, and powerful customization, (almost) everything is possible!

Your TweetDeck, your rules!

Better TweetDeck lets you choose between six additional accent colors and two new themes, that is more than a hundred possible theming combinations to make TweetDeck truly yours!

Emoji & GIFs, at your fingertips

Better TweetDeck lets you add emoji through an integrated picker or by using :shortcodes: 😎 🔥 👍

Find the perfect GIF for any occasion thanks to the Giphy/Tenor integration!

Advanced Muting capabilities

TweetDeck features already useful filters to mute users, hashtags and tweet sources.

Better TweetDeck goes the extra mile and lets you:

  • Mute tweets from a specific user if they contain specific keywords.
  • Mute tweets using JavaScript Regular Expressions.
  • Mute users if their biography contains a specific keyword.
  • Mute users with the default avatar.
  • Mute users with less than a given number of followers.
  • And a lot more

It was the style at the time...

Don't like Twitter's new reply display? Better TweetDeck got you covered!

Corridors of time

Whether you prefer MM/DD/YYYY or DD/MM/YYYY or something else entirely, YOU have the control!

Edit your tweets

It is not a real edit, but Better TweetDeck allows you to quickly re-send a fixed version of your tweets.

Advanced muting

Quickly mute #hashtags, specific apps or be even more specific with Regular Expressions.

Stay alert

Don't want to miss a tweet or a DM? Better TweetDeck can highlight it in your browser's tab so you never miss anything.

Become a column expert

Add shortcuts to quickly clear, remove columns, or even collapse them to save space temporarily!

See the big picture(s)

Show images in their original aspect ratio, blow them up in fullscreen, and quickly show link previews inside your columns.

You're in control

Think TweetDeck's UI is too cluttered? Better TweetDeck gives you total control over things like column icons, width, scrollbars, buttons positions, and so much more!

Custom CSS

Want to do even more? Inject custom CSS to make TweetDeck look however you want!

Complete list of features

  • Add emoji using :shortcodes:
  • Two additional dark themes, "Super Dark" (OLED friendly) and "Old Gray"
  • Add a clear button in columns' headers
  • Add a collapse button in columns' headers
  • Add a delete button in columns' headers
  • Add GIFs from Giphy & Tenor
  • Apply a custom width to columns
  • Automatically switch between light and dark theme according to your OS settings
  • Avoid GIFs avatars from playing in columns
  • Change display of usernames in columns
  • Change the accent color of TweetDeck
  • Collapse DMs when read
  • Ctrl+click on like/RT to follow
  • Download all media of a tweet
  • Display Twitter "cards" inside of columns
  • Get links to all media of a tweet
  • Hide icons on top of columns
  • Hide scrollbars
  • Make avatar rounded or squared
  • Make buttons smaller in the compose panel
  • Make scrollbars thinner
  • Move the tweet's actions on the right
  • Mute #hashtags from tweets' menu
  • Mute source from tweets' menu
  • Mute tweets based on keywords in users' biography
  • Mute tweets based on regular expressions (regex)
  • Mute tweets by keywords from a specific user
  • Mute users with default profile picture
  • Mute users with less than a given number of followers
  • Paste images as attachments
  • Prevent columns from scrolling on hover
  • Quick-edit tweets
  • Quickly add emojis
  • Revert from hearts to stars
  • Share on TweetDeck from your browser's contextual menu
  • Show "like from accounts" dialog when liking a tweet
  • Show fullscreen images like on Twitter Web
  • Show the tweet's actions on hover only
  • Show the verified badge on top of avatars
  • Switch to a "minimal" theme

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